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This archive contains mainly fan fiction published on the Gabriel Knight boards since summer 2000, and its aim is becoming a valid appendix to the Official GK Fan Fiction Archive (which covers fan fiction older than 1998) and The Attic (which used to cover fan fictions for the years 1998-1999, but seems not to be available any more).

The only purpose of this archive is the preservation of the fan fiction works, in order for them to remain available for the GK fans throughout time. All the intellectual properties still belong to the respective owners; if you are a fan fiction author, you might want to contact me to submit work, links to unlisted work, or to ask for edit or removal of any of your work available here.

Fan fictions are listed in alphabetical order; those which have been completed are listed with a black bullet, while incomplete works bear a white bullet.




Poetry and songs



Visual art

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Last update: April 28, 2009

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