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Letter from Christian Von Ritter to King Ludwig

Rittersberg, March 4, 1864

To the benevolent and beloved King of Bavaria:

I have had the honor of meeting your highness only twice, but you may depend upon me as your most loyal subject and one who holds your life more dearly than his own. It is my profession to seek out certain kinds of criminal behavior and I am currently on an investigation which I fear comes too close to your Highness. I am investigating the one who calls himself "the Black Wolf", and I have learned that he is extremely dangerous for reasons which I cannot fully express to you by such means as this letter. Please, I beg you, do not see this man alone and guard your person at all times with the highest diligence. I hope to finish my proofs soon and then I will be happy to explain everything to you. In the meantime, take this as a most serious warning from one who loves you.

Your servant, Baron Christian von Ritter of Rittersberg, Bavaria


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