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GK1 Poetry


  1. I dreamt of blood upon the shore, of eyes that spoke of sin.
    The lake was smooth and deep and black, as was her scented skin...

  2. A mask I wore as I approached, I was what I am not.
    And though the pattern was unclear, its meaning could be bought...

  3. Drawn to Bacchus's abode, I sought there to conspire.
    But it was in the city of the dead that I found my heart's desire...

  4. I spoke to one who smelled of death, he gave to me his ears.
    And crosses that were marked were made into a veil of tears....

  5. The road was blocked, the truth was shunned, the white flag had been waved.
    Reversal cost me all I had, and everything I'd braved....

  6. And then the night became as day, I glimpsed nature's reddest claw!
    The face of fear looked back at me as I gazed into the maw....

  7. My last ally laid to waste, I ran towards the light.
    I prayed for one to change my path, to give me strenght to fight....

  8. Inside a hidden chamber where I had no right to be,
    I found the wheel at last or, could it be, the wheel found me....

  9. And then the wheel went round and round, I could not find my way.
    Twelve and three and turn the key, I heard the madman say....

  10. Deep in the earth I faced a fight that I could never win.
    The blameless and the base destroyed, and all that might have been.

-- Gabriel Knight

Drei Drachen

Drei Drachen kriechen in meinen Schlaf
die Seele wo'lln sie lebendig zum Frass
feurigen Atems, gespatener Zunge
geniessen sie jedes Mahl.

The Portal Poem

Nur der Reinste darf passieren,
Dessen Herz ist rein wie Glas,
Dessen Seele rein wie Feuer,
Schreitet höher durchs Portal

Only the purest here may pass,
he whose heart is pure as glass,
he whose soul is pure as fire,
through this portal passes higher

Invocation to St. George

St. George, patron of the light,
who hunts the shadows of the night
upon my blood, I call thee now,
purify me, for I avow
to set my feet upon thy road;
thy sword, I take up for mine own.


Last update: October 24, 2007

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