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The Purification Dream

That night Gabriel dreams...

Dragon: Your soul smells, Gabriel Knight. You seek to be Schattenjäger?

Gabriel: I Do.

Dragon: You must first burn away the past. How much sin do you have to burn? You have used people all your life, never commited to anything. Turn back now and I will forget that you asked for this.

Gabriel: No!!

Dragon: There are only two things that redime you: first, that you have Ritter blood in your veins; second, that three women have loved you purely. You ask to start on the path, So you shall... but you will not be a Schattenjäger until you have earned it.

Gabriel: How?

Dragon: I cannot show you the path but I can tell you that you will have let go of the greater part of yourself, Gabriel Knight.

Gabriel: Yes, no problem.

Dragon: Yes... Now you asked for purification, you shall have it.

Gabriel: Oh, No!!


Last update: October 24, 2007

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