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The following timeline has been built with the information provided within the Gabriel Knight games integrated with information present in the novelisations of GK1 and GK2.

With Gabriel Knight being a mythology in constant evolution, there are some discrepancies between games and novels: for example, Gabriel's age is not consistent throughout the games. This timeline tries to bring together all the events in a reasonable and coherent flow, choosing the variants which fit best in the big picture.

approx. 36 AD
A Roman soldier, ancestor of the Ritter family, is nominated Servant of the Light by Jesus Christ. His sword is blessed and transformed into gold.


  Martin Ritter
  Martin Ritter builds Schloss Ritter
  Martin Ritter builds St. Georgs Kirche


  Jürgen Ritter


  *** Ritter
  Halla Ritter


  Johann Ritter
10th February 1660
Gunther's Signature Gunther Ritter is born in Rittersberg
23rd June 1693
Gunther Ritter loses the family talisman in Charles Town (South Carolina).
24th June 1963
Gunther Ritter Gunther Ritter commits suicide


  Victor Von Ritter (Schattenjäger from 1720)
Werewolf Victor Von Ritter captures Claus Von Ralick, father of Friedrich Von Glower. Von Ralick is imprisoned in Rittersberg and sentenced to death.
  Frieling Ritter (rescued his wife from Marquis de Sade)


1820? - 4th March1864
  Baron Christian Von Ritter (Schattenjäger from 1838)
  *** Ritter
  Stefan Ritter
  Karl Ritter
  Wilhelm Ritter, father of Heinza and Wolfgang
Ludwig II Ludwig II, King of Bavaria at the age of 18
4th March 1864
  Baron Christian Von Ritter warns King Ludwig to guard himself from the Black Wolf.
Ludwig's Night Ride Hunting accident. Ludwig is knocked off his horse and bitten by Von Glower.
  First signs of Ludwig's mental illness
12th June 1886
  Ludwig II hospitalised in Berg
14th June 1886
  Ludwig II dies by drowning. It is supposed that he has been drowned by Dr. Gudden, who then drowned himself.
16th June 1886
  Funeral of Ludwig II in Munich


  Heinz Ritter is born in Rittersberg
1921 (1922?)
Grandmother Knight Esther/Rebecca Wright (Grandmother Knight) is born in New Orleans
10th May 1923
  Wolfgang Ritter is born in Rittersberg
  21y old Heinz Ritter escapes from Germany
  Heinz Ritter marries Rebecca Wright (Grandmother Knight)
1943 (1944?)
  Philip Knight is born. Granny is 22, Heinz is 28
1951 (1952?)
  Heinz Ritter/Henry/Harrison Knight dies at 36, invested by a car in the businnes district. Philip Knight is 8 at the time, Granny is 30.
  Philip Knight meets Margareth Templeton.Two weeks after, the two marry (her family refuses any further contact). [1]
28th January 1963
Gabriel Knight Gabriel Knight is born in New Orleans. Philip Knight is 18 or 19. [2]
27th September 1963
Franklin Mosely Franklin Mosely is born in New Orleans.
  Gabriel's parents die after driving off the road. Accordingly to the police, they might have been scared by something. Philip Knight was 20 or 21.[3]
18th May 1968
Grace Nakimura Grace Nakimura is born in Japan




28th January
  Gabriel turns 30
18th June 1993
St. George's Books Events of Sins of the Fathers. Grandmother Knight is 72 years old. Gabriel meets Malia Gedde at the crime scene of a Voodoo murder.
20th June 1993
Malia Gedde Gabriel and Malia sleep together for the first time
21st June 1993
  Crash is killed.
22nd June 1993
  Professor Hartridge is killed.
23rd June 1993
Voodoo Bayou St. John's Eve. Gabriel joins the Voodoo ceremony and recognises Malia.
24th June 1993
  Gabriel comes to Schloss Ritter for the first time
26th June 1993
Wolfgang's sacrifice Wolfgang Ritter dies at the age of 70 in Africa while retrieving the family talisman. Grace is kidnapped by the Voodoo cartel.
27th June 1993
End of Tetelo Tetelo is destroyed. Malia Gedde dies in the ruins of the Voodoo Hounfour.


  Events of Gabriel Knight 2


  Pause, by Jane Jensen
June 6-9
  Events of Gabriel Knight 3


  1. Philip Knight has to be of age in order to marry Margaret and become father of Gabriel. Therefore he must be at least 18 years old, which means that grandmother Knight at the time was at least 40. This is a good reason to accept 72 as her age in GK1.[back]
  2. The birth dates have been figured out from the GK3 passport images. Gabriel is an Aquarius, hence 28th January 1963 works well for him (it is also Jane Jensen's birth date); Mosely's birth date reads 27th September 1948, but that's impossible since he and Gabriel are of the same age and went to school together. It must be a joke of the graphic artists, but 27th September (Libra) seems to work well as a birth date. Grace was born in May 1968 and is a Taurus; the most probable date, according to the passport, is 18th May. She was 25 at the time of GK1, which matches with the stadium of her student career at university. [back]
  3. It is true that in the game grandmother Knight says that Gabriel's parents died when he was only 8, but that is also the age Philip was when his father died. Gabriel does not seem to recall anything about his parents, so it is much more realistic that he was only 1 when they died, as it is stated in the novel. [back]


Last update: June 23, 2008

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