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GK2 Soundtrack

Gabriel Knight 2 canon soundtrack (unofficial)

The GK2 soundtrack canon was worked out by Hlges in winter of 2008, by completing the Beast Within track list from the GK Mysteries soundtrack CD with ambient music extracted directly from within the game and listing them all in order of appearance.

The track list below has the track titles (in cursive) followed by information on where they appear. The tracks in bold are not present in the GK Mysteries soundtrack CD and have been extracted directly from the game.

  1. Trance (Title track)
  2. Main Theme - Prologue (Intro)
  3. Opening - Chapter 1 (Chapter one opening movie)
  4. Dark Theme (New case)
  5. Police station
  6. University
  7. Oh, when the saints (Fountain theme)
  8. Hunt Club (Chapter one closing movie)
  9. Grace Takes A Trip (Chapter two opening movie)
  10. Schloss Ritter theme (Gabriel's Room)
  11. Gasthof (Werner Huber's Gasthof)
  12. St. George's church
  13. The Smiths (Chapter two closing movie)
  14. Ludwig (Chapter three opening movie)
  15. Crime scene (Grossberg)
  16. Von Zell (Hunt Club with Von Zell)
  17. Wolf Watch (Chapter three closing movie)
  18. Chase (Chapter four opening movie)
  19. Wagner museum
  20. The Farm (Seeshaupt)
  21. Blues for Dedda (Chapter five opening movie)
  22. Hunt lodge
  23. Wolfcam (Hunting Von Zell)
  24. Damned (Rittersberg Dungeon)
  25. Sneaky (Lost opera in Neuschwanstein)
  26. Aria End Credits (Opening)
  27. Act 1 Underscore (Act one)
  28. Dark Theme (Act two)
  29. Aria to the moon (Act three)
  30. Happy Minstrels (Act three)
  31. Transformation Aria (Act three)
  32. The chase (Final chase) (Hunting Von Glower)
  33. Epilogue (Ending with Grace)
  34. Grace (Bonus track, not used within the game)
  35. The Smiths (jazzy) (End credits)


Last update: February 14, 2009

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