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Gabriel Knight Mysteries Soundtrack

Most of the music in the Gabriel Knight series has been done by Robert Holmes; David Henry started cooperating with Robert Holmes in The Beast Within, and wrote large parts of the Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned music score.

Gabriel Knight Mysteries soundtrack (official)

Gabriel Knight Mysteries is a collector's edition of the first two GK games, released in 1996, one year after GK2. It contains an audio CD with enhanced MIDIs from GK1, music from GK2 and two teaser tracks for GK3, which was in production at the time.

  1. Opening - Chapter 1
  2. Main Theme - Prologue
  3. Chase
  4. Grace
  5. Epilogue
  6. Happy Minstrels
  7. Aria to the moon
  8. Transformation aria
  9. Grace takes a trip
  10. Hunt Club
  11. Blues for Dedda
  12. The Farm
  13. The Smiths
  14. Trance
  15. Dark Theme
  16. Ludwig
  17. Wolfcam
  18. Act 1 Underscore
  19. Aria End Credits
  20. Wolf Watch
  21. GK1 Main title theme
  22. GK1 Closing theme
  23. GK3 Emilio's Theme
  24. GK3 Trailer Theme


Last update: June 23, 2008

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