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Troubleshooting Gabriel Knight 1

Most of the content of this page comes directly from Collector's GK1 Help External link in his Sierra Help Pages External link, and is therefore intellectual property of Collector.

As with many of the Sierra VGA games, some of the Gabriel Knight: Sins of The Fathers problems are timer related. They can be fixed by using Enrico Rolfi's (Endroz) new installer that installs the Windows version with patches for the Gabriel Knight bugs. These bugs can also be avoided by playing the game in DOSBox. If you can't or don't want to use DOSBox, you can try using a Slowdown Utility.

Although the timer bugs can also be avoided by playing the DOS version in DOSBox alone, it is recommended that you apply the NewRisingSun patch (for floppy version or the CD version) for the DOS version, even with DOSBox.

Original system requirements

MS-DOS 5.0 or Windows 3.1 or greater
386 or better
2 KB minimum Hard drive space, 30 MB recommended
SVGA 256 colors
SoundBlaster & AdLib, Pro Audio, Pro Audio 16, Roland MT-32, Sound Source or General MIDI

Poor quality sound or no sound at all

In first place, we recommend you to get your hands on a Windows version of GK1, since the DOS one is more likely to have trouble running on new systems. Anyway, there are several things you can try to solve this problem:

"Unable to initialize your audio hardware" error

Day 5 - Lockup

If the game locks up on Day 5

Day 6 - Desk sergeant

On Day 6, the desk sergeant leaves the police station to buy beignets and comes back in too soon, making it impossible to get into Mosely's office without getting caught.

Day 9 - Floating mummies

In the African Snake Mound scene, mummies "float" instead of walk if you leave the room too quickly.

Overly rapid text

Rapid TEXT during Gabriel Knight 1 - the game's text just flies by. The rapid text is because the timing is based on the audio resources (on the CD) -- when the game can't find this, the text speed goes by too fast.

Save/Restore Crash

If the game crashes when saving or restoring a game (Windows XP)

GK1 Windows version and Windows XP

Enrico Rolfi (Endroz) has developed a new Windows installer with patches for the Gabriel Knight bugs. Use his installer to play this game in XP. It fixes most problems with GK1 under XP, including the nasty save/restore bug under Windows XP.

NOTE: If you have 64 bit version of Windows, you MUST run the DOS version in DOSBox, since the Windows version of the game will not play (no 16 bit code will run natively in x64 Windows.)

GK1 DOS version and XP

In XP, the DOS version of the game (unless the audio in the install is set to "no audio/speech") may give a blank screen or won't even start, giving this error message:

We're sorry, you have encounter an internal game error...

Error number: 29

The default RESOURCE.CFG file has an entry:


Change this to:


or any value up to 45k means the game will run fine. Any value above 45k gives the audio.cpp error. If you remove the audiosize line, it will default to a much lower value. You will get much better audio performance (less crackling and dropouts) by changing this value to 45k.


videoDrv = VESA.DRV
soundDrv = ADL.DRV
joyDrv = NO
directory = \SIERRA\GKCD
cmd = GKCD
mouseDrv = none
memoryDrv = none
minmemory = 2M


Also, adding:


to the RESOURCE.CFG has helped some. (Note: From the command line typing "SIERRA -" gives options for the resource.cfg )

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Last update: June 23, 2008

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