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Troubleshooting Gabriel Knight 3

Original system requirements

Windows 95 or greater
Pentium 166 with 3D card, Pentium 233 (without 3D card)
Pentium II 266 with 2nd generation preferred
4X Speed CD-ROM
3 MB Hard drive space, 15 MB recommended
SVGA 256 colors
Windows compatible soundcard

Unrecognized Fatal Exception error

A great amount of copies of GK3 feature a corrupted Day123.brn file on the first of the three CDs, which is the one files are copied from during the installation: this leads to an Unrecognized Fatal Exception error message followed by a game crash.

To avoid this, it is necessary to replace the Day123.brn file in the GK3 Data folder on the hard drive with a copy of the Day123.brn file from CD 2 or CD 3.

Another cause for the Unrecognised Fatal Exception error can be. File replacer

Graphics clipping

With ATI Radeon graphics cards, some users might experience some clipping (this is a known issue with this card and happens under any version of Windows).

To avoid this, run Gabriel Knight 3 in software mode. [1]

Game freeze (SIDney, Day 2, 5pm-10pm)

On Day 2, 5pm-10pm playing as Grace, the game freezes up when using SIDney. The freezing happens when the analyzation starts with sound, but graphics don't appear. After a while the sounds stop and the game just stops there showing the red wait icon.

The issue here is a codec conflict with FFDShow. Removing the FFD Show codec pack fixes the problem. If this does not help, try uninstalling any installed big codec packs. [1]

Cannot minimize GK3 with ALT+TAB

GK3 cannot be minimized using the standard Windows ALT+TAB keystroke combination.

If you want to be able to minimize GK3, use the GK3 minimizer application External linkby Francisco Figuereido.

GK3 on Windows XP 64bit

Currently there does not seem to be a way to run GK3 on 64-bit Windows XP

GK3 on Windows Vista

Currently there does not seem to be a way to run GK3 on Windows Vista

See also


  1. Collector, GK3 Help External link in Sierra Help Pages External link[back]


Last update: September 16, 2008

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